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I am currently connecting both the Ping 360 and Ping Sonar Altimeter and Echosounder to a heavy config BROV2. For configuration, I have installed an ethernet switch for the Ping 360 and DVL I will also install. For Altimeter I have it directly connected to serial port on Flight Navigator. I do not seem to be able to get a solid connection with either of them through ROV.
More info on both of these located here:

When trying different ports/doing ROV reboots, I checked the available services on BlueOS and see that the Ping Service is gone. I have gone through the process of scanning/repairing microSD or reinstalling BlueOS to get service back. But whenever I do, it seems when I retest the Ping 360 or Altimeter, the Ping Service gets erased again on the services tab. I believe this is part of the problem why I can’t get both of them to work now through the ROV.
Has anything like this occurred before?

Hi @Jnyberg,

I’m not sure why the Ping service would disappear, so it may be worth going to the File Browser and getting the latest log files from var/logs/blueos/services/ping to see if there’s anything of note there.

Be aware that since your Ping360 is connected to the ethernet switch that bypasses BlueOS entirely, so the logs would only show information about the Ping Sonar.

I couldn’t find any logs from 7/25 but there were a few from today. I will post them here since the Ping Service did disappear again.
logfile_07-26-2022_15_08_29.log (21.8 KB)
logfile_07-26-2022_15_09_50.log (123.8 KB)

@Jnyberg are you able to try the latest BlueOS master?

There’s a new “Pings” page that should be able to detect both Ping Sonars and Ping360s, including Ping360s connected to the local network (e.g. via an ethernet switch) :slight_smile:

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This is now also available in BlueOS 1.1.0-beta.9 :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for update. When I find some time I’ll be sure to try it out!

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Testing out 1.1.0-beta.9 and saw the new pings page. Very handy when trying to see if it connects. I like that new option a lot!

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