Pingviewer not connecting after upgrade to BlueOS

We have a BlueROV2 with ping1D & ping360 sonars attached.
Both operated correctly and were viewable via Pingviewer when the companion computer was running the original software. Following an upgrade to BlueOS, both sonars are appearing in the “ping sonar devices” dashboard & the ping1D appears to be working correctly and generating MAVlink distances.
However, we are unable to connect to either sonar using Pingviewer (latest version) on the top-side computer.
Is this a problem with the automatic configuration of the serial to UDP bridges?
Thank you in advance!

Hi @lukas, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

BlueOS should have pretty much identical connection requirements for ping family devices as Companion did - they should show up in Ping Viewer as normal, especially if they’re shown as connected in the Ping Sonar Devices page, as you’ve mentioned.

Are the devices showing up at different ports? If they’ve somehow ended up mapped to the same port there could be a clash, but that shouldn’t happen, and I’d still expect at least one to show up in Ping Viewer if that was the case.

Thanks @EliotBR ,

It turns out that both sonars were somehow connected to a different IP address ( than the main ROV ( They both are now visible to PingViewer having discovered the issue via tcpdump… Our ROV does have additional network ports (DVL connected via USB->Ethernet adapter, GPS unit connected via Ethernet over USB) but nothing uses the IP address that the sonars are connectable via. Network interface configuration and routing do seem to be an issue.

Weird - that might be a bug in the ping service. I’ll bring it up internally in case our software team has some idea what’s going on there.

Glad to hear you at least seem to have resolved your immediate issue :slight_smile: