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Ping 1D - can not connect

Hi, I have just mounted a Ping 1D to my BlueROV and PingView can not find it.
If I plug it to my PC it works. But when connected to RPi on BlueROV no luck.

All my settings are default except the Static IP of my ROV is
I have also tried to change mavproxy setting to --out udpbcast:
I can not use 192.168.2.x network because it is already taken.
On system page of ROV I can confirm that pingmav and pingproxy are active and serial device FT231X_USB_UART is there.

Is there any other setting I must change?


If I switch IP back to it works.
So I guess it is somewhere hardcoded.


In PingView select manual connection to UDP, enter IP and change port 1234 to 9090.
For the next update maybe you should change default entry to 9090.

Hi @tunadiver,

Glad you were able to solve your issue :slight_smile:

9090 is the default port for a Ping1D, but the Ping360 default is 9092, and the development default is 1234. Presumably the choice has been made to avoid picking a specific device for the default port number, as that may be more confusing if it’s not the right port for the device in use.

Can you think of some way that could be specified/indicated more clearly or obviously while in Ping Viewer?

You could do a dropdown list on the port section: Ping1D (9090), Ping360 (9092), Custom.
I don’t know how many of us change the IP address of the ROV but even if the PingView does not check the local address mask (in my example 192.168.4.x), it would be great if it instead of always starting in search mode, connects to the last successful connection.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve made a relevant GitHub issue: