UDP communication with PingViewer

Good morning, we are Sebastiano and Alberto univerisity students. We are working on Ping360 for a project. We want communicate with PingViewer recreating a messages like that of Ping360. The aim is simulating the sensor in Simulink/Matlab enviroment to communicate by UDP with PingViewer. Reading online documentation, we expect a first message to verify the protocol version of Ping360 and we have to answer with a message about version, but we don’t know the UDP communication port of PingViewer to send the answer. Is there the possibilty to set the port or to read the port?
Thanks and have a good day,
Sebastiano Bianco e Alberto Regoli

I am not sure as to what port ping-viewer uses. I know the sonar uses port 12345. I might recommend the use of a tool such as WireShark to see if you can read the source port in the discovery network packet and reply on that port.

Hi @Sebastiano, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Ping Viewer has a Manual Connection option in its device manager, where you can choose the port for it to try to connect to.