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Ping 360 sonar bench test

Hi all!

I have a ping360 and wish to see it running initially on the bench then through ethernet.

need a little bit of help.

here is what i did:
1- open sonar and swapped it to the ethernet port
2- cut an ethernet cable and soldered colour to colour as the tech specs tx/rx/+/- all matched
3- wired up a 12v psu
4-plugged in cables
5-set network port to be
6- started pingviewer / manual connection/ selected udp -

the problem for me:
pingviewer wont allow me to select device
it says 0 devices present
is it possible to view the sonar data through ping viewer directly over ethernet or does it have to be via the usb on raspberrypi ?

Hi @Daverov,

Do you have a scheme or a drawing of the ethernet cable that you created ?
How are you configurating manual connection ? It should not be necessary, if the ethernet cable was done correctly, Ping-Viewer will detect it in the automatic detection procedure.

Hi @patrickelectric,

thanks for replying so quickly!

I have tried two connections (attached image) going into a ethernet switch, (tplinksg105) and when i plug in i get the little orange flashing comms light on the switch as well as a flashing green inside the sonar.
but still no joy on automatic or manual connection.

the unit appears to be working as I have previously view sonar over rs232 option.

when i hit the manual connection box i:
selected ucp
selected ping360
left the host ip as
have tried both ports 1234 and 9092 (i saw this in another forum post)

Is the sonar set to DHCP or does it have an address?
is there another way to talk to the sonar (like an inbuilt webpage) ?

i am using the pingviewer v2.1.0

Hi @Daverov,

I would recommend first to check the connection with a router between your computer and ping360 to check if the connection and wire was done correctly.
Do the login in your router and check the DHCP clients and you should see ping360 there, if you open Ping-Viewer it should detect it automatically

With that working, now is time to configure your desktop to connect with Ping360, first you’ll need to setup the network card as a static IP address, you can follow our guide.
With that done, you should see Ping360 appearing on Ping-Viewer.

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Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your help, The answer to my problem was simply to connect through a router, (which allocated the sonar an ip address and it was easy to log in and give it a static IP address from there).
The wiring was fine!