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Feedback for Ping Viewer 2.1.0

Very nice development!
Installation flawless as described.
Note that QGC now is 64 bit in windows, if You have made own fixes like dual joysticks simulation, switch to 64 bit for these plugin fixes.

Ping Viewer 2.1.0

-I can not make the viewer to autoconnect next time after I make an manual connection.
Instead it always starts with auto device searching waiting for user, and parameters like scanning 120
deg is gone to 360. Sometimes Ping 360 hangs and needs hard restart.
-Sometimes Ping 360 is indicated together with Ping depthfinder, se screenshot
-Cosmetic residue stays in lower right corner from earlier 360 deg sweep.

Ping-Viewer will save the last manual connection configuration, but this is only a helper for people that have different setups, so the manual connection configuration will appears in the device manager.
Can you explain a bit more what you was trying to accomplish with the manual connection ?
We also don’t save previous ping360 configurations.

Yes, this is a problem related to the support of old Ping1D firmwares that are still around, we are going to drop such thing in the future and this will be fixed.

This is the power scale in color, the left corner is the lowest power and the right corner is the maximum power.

@patrickelectric Thanks for answering!
For the first question, I was believing there now is a saving of last session in Pingviewer, so next time you connect, after a manual connection, you will get right to same setup.
ie Ping 360 starts direct into scanning mode at start with last setup, like 120 degree scan on 10 meter range.

Regarding Ping360 hangning, maybee related to second question, will be fixed later?

Do you have a specific configuration to replicate it ? How long it takes to hang ?
Can you share you log when this problem occurs ?

Hi again @patrickelectric
I will do more detailed test trying to find exact when the hanging occur.
Where do i find the logfile?

An idea of the problem with older Ping 1D firmware:
Checkbox in setup to check if you want/do not want handling of old Ping 1D

Maybee another checkbox also could work for “start in setup like last session” including range etc?

You can it here, it’s the files in Gui_Log folder.

That’s a great idea!

We do have it in mind to save the previous configuration, this should be accomplished hopefully in our next release.

We are able to replicate and are tracking these issues on github. Please add any more information to those tickets.

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Thanks @jwalser I put logfile on github regardĂ­ng ping1D/Ping360 dual discovery:

And added a new feature request; persisten start of Pingviewer:


After all the new updates (also before but a little less) when ping viewer (with ping 1D) is launched, I have image lag (on screen and on recording) of 1 to 2 seconds approximately every 10 seconds. Impossible to control precisely.
I close ping viewer, I disarm and rearm and now more lag.
A solution ??