Ping360 and Altimeter freezing

Hi Everyone !

We had a test yesterday. And we tested the BR2 Heavy configuration with ping360 and altimeter.

we armed the ROV and operated our ROV After 10 min first ping360’s pingviewer screen froze, then the altimeter’s screen froze too.

When we took our ROV to the ground and we cut the power then we reconnected ping360’s and altimeter’s worked seamless.

We have a big test in 2 days. How can we solve that problem?


Hi @ugurdemirezen,

I’m not sure what’s happened here, although the potential causes I can think of are:

  • your Ping sensors got under-powered and shut down / stopped communicating
    • May need to upgrade your power circuitry, and/or reduce power usage
  • some kind of issue occurred with the serial to UDP software used for bridging the serial Ping device connections to the topside computer
    • I’m not aware of something that would be likely to do this, and it likely depends what software you were running on the onboard computer (Raspberry Pi)
  • some issue on your topside computer stopped the communication from working, or ruined the display updates

If the issue only happened once and isn’t reproducible, there likely isn’t much we can do to help. You can send through a GUI log and sensor log if you’ve got them, but we likely won’t be able to find and fix an issue like this on our end.

These are our GUI_LOG and sensor log files.

20220614-134142226.bin (14.0 MB)
20220614-134059708.txt (964.5 KB)

I tested them today. They worked fine for 40 min. But after that ping360’s connection was down.

And I tried to connect again but pingviewer couldn’t find the ping360.

I can send you a video of freezing via email.


Hi @ugurdemirezen, sorry for the delay on getting back to this.

I tried replaying your Ping360 sensor log file and running some analysis on it - it seems to have occasional delays of ~300ms, but it’s not clear whether that’s caused by a general communications issue or something to do with Ping Viewer or the sensor. It’s also only ~6 minutes long, which doesn’t seem to match the description in your initial post about freezing after 10 minutes.

The provided GUI log is for a Ping Sonar recording, and from a brief look through it there don’t seem to be particular warnings or errors that would be of concern.

A video of the freezing could be helpful, especially if it’s actually freezing for longer than the ~200-300ms spikes shown on my plot. If you’d prefer not to post it directly on the forum you can send it via a private message.

I’ve also asked the software team whether they have some idea as to what might be going wrong, and will get back to you if they have particular suggestions.

Log Message Times Analysis Code

Makes use of
Requires pandas, numpy, matplotlib, and bluerobotics-ping libraries to be installed, with recent versions.

from decode_sensor_binary_log import PingViewerLogReader
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

log_path = '/path/to/file.bin' # TODO
log = PingViewerLogReader(log_path)
timestamps = pd.to_timedelta(timestamp.replace('\x00', '') for timestamp, _ in log)
differences = np.diff(timestamps)

plt.plot(timestamps[1:], differences)
plt.xlabel('timestamp [ns]')
plt.ylabel('time since last message [ns]')