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Green Island - (Very) Remote Control

Hi everyone,

Following on from my previous dive log, the remotely piloted BlueROV2 Heavy “Bob” from teleport.fish has recently changed locations to Green Island, which is another part of the Great Barrier Reef that’s a bit closer to mainland Australia. This spot’s got a bit less room to explore than the last one, but makes up for it with some amazing reef and wildlife, and water that’s a bit easier to move around in.

I’m still in lockdown, so having the option available to pilot an ROV and explore some reef from within my home is a very welcome freedom and distraction. Today I thoroughly enjoyed exploring, but also took some time to just watch the sun rays filtering through the water, and rolling across with the small waves :slight_smile:


No image processing this time - there was plenty of light and the colours and scenery were stunning as is. Sometimes that blue tinge helps make it feel more like you’re underwater with the ROV, and given the great visibility in this dive I didn’t feel the need to process the photos afterwards :slight_smile:


Heading to the closest coral

Lots of little fish!

Some interesting and slightly bigger fish (and lots of coral)

Big fish!

Here I got a bit too close to the reef while trying to get a good shot of the big fish, so got a “Proximity Alert” from the sonar, telling me to go back up a bit. I thought it looked like a funny warning against getting too close to the big fish (like a boss warning in a video game), so took a photo :slight_smile:

Just enjoying the sunlight…

A brief snippet of sunlight filtering through rolling waves