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Plotting BR2 with GPS

(Etienne Demers) #1

Hi guys,

I am wondering if it is possible to float the BR2 and attach a GPS and get it to do patterns like with your water linked system.


(Kaos) #2

I believe the first tests for gps were done with a gps on a mast. Uv

(Kaos) #3

Ublox gps just like a drone plugged into pixhawk will do it for surface survey.

(undersearobotics.com) #4

I don’t believe that QGC supports route following yet (there was some discussion on this a while back). But @kevink and others have successfully added a GPS to their ROVs and got them to display the ROV’s position in QGC. I bought a couple Ublox GPS’s for this purpose but haven’t had a chance to install them yet.

(Kevin) #5

Below is a picture of my new internally mounted GPS. I haven’t done extensive testing on it yet, but I’m looking forward to it in the next few weeks. @SHS has done something similar with his ROV.

Are you looking for the ROV to just follow waypoints, or call conduct a ladder type area pattern?

(undersearobotics.com) #6

Is that 2 sided foam backed tape you’re using to mount the GPS?

(Kevin) #7

Indeed it is! Its secure enough for that little mRo GPS.

(Etienne Demers) #8

I am looking at plotting u-search patterns for lake bathymetric surveys.

The idea would be to have a GPS on a pole sticking out and set up the BR2 for above the waterline only.

I like your setup. Do you pickup satellite signal if it’s slightly under water?

(Kevin) #9

I’m not sure on the signals yet, my earlier attempt definitely failed but there was someone else who was successful. I’m hoping this new orientation with a smaller GPS module fixes my signal transmission issue.

(Svein H.) #10

Nice installation :blush:
My experience is that as soon as i get the enclosure deployed it will loose the signal.
My idea is to be able to take surface fix with it and thats propebly all it will be able to do also.
A easy way to get e proper GPS track is to float this after the BR2 and connect the sender to your tablet or laptop and track it on bluetooth.

I have bought it, but have not made a proper enclosure for it yet.

(Svein H.) #11

I can see that you dont have any cooling on one of the ESC @kevink. is there a reason for that? I had one that just felt of this week when i was doing the heavy config. on my BR2.

(Kevin) #12

You don’t see any cooling fins because I have the old R1 ESCs from 2016. I need to get mine upgraded to the R3s. If you have the heat sinks, then you have the R2s and you should be able to re-attach it with double sided thermal tape.

The ROV you see above is a bit on the experimental side and has some new hardware, in an old frame. Its been through many refits over the years and will probably be constantly upgraded as new components come out.

(Kevin) #13

I had some time today, so I went out to the harbor and tested the GPS system. I think the below picture speaks for itself for a bit. I had the ROV deployed in the water and didn’t conduct any dives or anything. ANY water lapping over the 4" Electronics Enclosure causes a loss of GPS signal and a position loss. However, if the enclosure is lifted out of the water a bit by ordering a full upward thrust, then the GPS module can get a clear signal and a GPS lock.

Based on these results, I will be removing the GPS module from my ROV.