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Struggling with Pixhawk GPS port

I know it was done before but after a lots of reading and trials, I just can’t make it work can someone help?

I have a Ublox F9P gps that I understand and know how to configure using U-center. I just want to send the plain GPS coordinate in te GPS port of the Pixhawk. In putty I confirm that the GPS send NMEA or any thing else require through it’s serial port. I then feed the Pixhawk GPS port with this signal.
I tried with NMEA and then with a bunch of other message including UBX. NO luck there.
I also tried to make everything in autodetect mode (from Qgroundcontrol → vehicule setup page). No luck either and Qgroundcontrol systematically freeze my GPS by playing with the setup. To a point that I fight with U-center rigth now to regain control of my GPS!
I think QGC is looking (waiting) for RTK fix. But I don’t want it nor use it for now. I have 3m accuracy and this is good enough for me right now.
I also don’t have a compass (or if there is one in my GPS, it is not configure). I read that heading of the compass and vehicule must match. That is not possible in my case.

I am using the following config:
QGC : 4.1.3
Rpi : 0.028
ArduSub 4.0.3
Pixhawk 2.4.8 (Pixhawk 1 I think).

Thank you

edit: I know GPS don’t work underwater but in a pseudo-boat config it will.

Hi @Charles,

I unfortunately haven’t used a GPS with the ROV before, so don’t have first-hand experience with setting it up.

This thread from 2017 covers several of the settings that should be set in QGC. If that doesn’t help I’ll see if I can pull in one of our team who’s got more experience with using a GPS in the ROV.

Not sure where you read that, but it’s not quite correct. Our GPS Positioning docs provide some more details.

You likely want to upgrade this to 4.1.4 (Releases · mavlink/qgroundcontrol · GitHub).

The numbers are definitely a bit confusing. From here it seems like 2.4.8 is indeed a version of the Pixhawk 1.