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How to display GPS on Ground Control

(RC) #1

New BlueROV2 displays map in lower left corner at 00:00.00 Lat and 000:00.00 Long. Other than the map, how does GPS display? How do I know if GPS is working?

(Jacob) #2

Other than the map, how does GPS display?

The GPS coordinates in the next version of QGC will be available for display with the other telemetry by the compass/attitude indicator.

How do I know if GPS is working?

You will see your position on the map, the correct coordinates in the telemetry display, and the main LED on the pixhawk will turn green instead of blue.

Do you have a GPS antenna connected to the Pixhawk? Normal GPS antennas will not work underwater. You need another type of positioning system like the Underwater GPS Developer Kit in our store.

Best - Jacob

(RC) #3


I was told that this system came with a GPS. I see now that that is incorrect. Either way I have an Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout V3 circuit card that I got to work with an Arduino way back in the day. I wonder if I can get this thing to work on the ROV? Hmmm. Not sure.


(Kevin) #4

These are the GPS that are known to work with the ArduPilot family of firmwares: http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-positioning-landing-page.html