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GPS position display in QGC

Hi all,

Just a quick question.

I have achieved the integration of the Underwater GPS and Bluerov2, now I can read the Lon and Lat data on the QGC panel.

My question is that is there anywhere in the qgc setting could display the position of the ROV? Just like the data shown in the waterlinked GUI website?

Thank you for any help!

Glad to hear it :slight_smile:
I assume that means your previous topic is solved?

Sorry I’m a bit unsure of what you’re asking here - you have screenshots of QGC’s instrument panel and the waterlinked GUI both showing the lon/lat/depth, but seem to ask how to show that information in QGC (which you’ve already displayed in your screenshot).

If you’re asking how to view the position on a map, you can use the map/switcher widget in the bottom left corner :slight_smile:

Hi Eilot,

The position shown in the waterlinked GUI is the current acoustic position, while the qgc shows the current global position, you can see from the screenshots that their value is completely different.

My question is that whether the qgc can directly show the current acoustic position in the panel.

Ahh yep, looking again it seems like the Water Linked GUI shows the ‘acoustic position’ in the bottom left, and the ‘global [GPS] position’ in the bottom right.

I’m not certain but I would expect that that’s not possible, at least not as something that can just be turned on for example, because QGC only gets sent the final GPS coordinates. Perhaps the closest you can get is specifying the home position as where the dive starts, and then using the “Distance to Home” and “Heading to Home” display values (which should be a polar-coordinate equivalent of those x and y values). Alternatively it may be sufficient to just use the “Distance to GCS” value, if the GCS/topside computer has a sufficiently accurate GPS.