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GPS signals to QGC

Has anyone connected a GPS to the QGC after the latest update (14.09.2017) and have you been able to read Lat Long in the QGC panel ? I have a USBL device that sends NMEA through USB/Serial adapter and I’m trying to work out how to set it up. Anyone in here who can share their knowledge?

Hi Oystein, there is currently no way to connect a GPS directly to the QGC computer to get the position of the computer.

Right now, the only way to get the boat position on the map is with the Water Linked system. We are working on more generic support for gps input.

If you would like to use your USBL for positioning the ROV, you can send the NMEA data to UDP port 27000 on the Raspberry Pi (ip address

Thank you for the quick reply, Jacob. The computer position is not the first priority. I am much more interested in seeing the ROV position. Does the NMEA data feed go to the Raspberry via the tether or does it need to go through the subsea modem and through the bottle to the Raspberry?

I was able to send NMEA data to the ROV over port 27000 as @jwalser described. My USBL only sends GLL strings, so I had to edit ‘nmea-receiver.py’ on the pi to interpret this sentence type.

@jwalser - If I might make a recommendation, it would be very useful to be able to connect a USB GPS (such as this) and have QGC work with its NMEA 0183 data.

Did you sent it through USB/Serial port on the laptop ?

It goes through the existing tether/network connection. There are nmea routing software packages that can take your NMEA data coming in on a COM port, and put it back out on a UDP port.

@paul-unterweiser It’s in the works, this is exactly the project I linked in my reply. I’ve got one of those same units to test :).

I suppose these packages are not installed now? And if I guess right, some computer “magic” is necessary to set it up and get it working? Sometimes I wish I was a computer geek so that I actually could understand all this properly :slight_smile:

The only thing that you need to do is put your NMEA data on UDP port

This software can do that for you.

My setup is a little complicated (my rov connects to an Ubuntu desktop running a Win7 VM for the USBL), so I’m sending my data from a file to the UDP port. However, I do use the NMEA Router software that Jacob just linked on my Windows VM, and it should be fairly easy to set up the serial–>UDP that way!

Still not able to get the position onto the rov panel. The NMEA signal comes in on COM10 and is sending out to Remote host - Port 27000

Tried to swith GPS settings in QGC to NMEA, also no luck, now put back in Automode also


Ok @SDI,

The program taking the data in on the ROV only accepts GGA. I will update it to accept some more message types and let you know when it’s ready.


BR2 transponder GPS position on the display. Finally :slight_smile:

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Are you running the waterlinked system or GPS for surface positioning only?

I am using a different system (Blueprint Subsea USBL) The position seen on the display is the ROV position, Not the surface vessel or GPS.

Was there a resolution to the issue of connecting a gps to the laptop and displaying the lat & long on the widgets?

You may connect a gps to the laptop, and the position will be displayed on the map. The lat/long coordinates are not displayed.

Thanks Jacob, any plans to make this possible in the future?