I cannot connect NMEA input to the QGC with the new Blue OS version

I have the Blue OS Version, and now my GPS does not connect with NMEA INPUT and QGC does not recognize my GPS, does anyone know why?

Thank you

Hi Albert -
How is the GPS connected to the vehicle? Have you configured the serial connection in the Vehicle Parameters? I assume this is a gps intended for use when the vehicle is at the surface, to indicate its position on the map?

An NMEA GGA (USBL) signal enters a NMEA Router and from there it goes to the QGC, but I don’t know why now with this version it doesn’t work for me, I think there is something in the Blue OS Software that is not right and I don’t know what is…

I have not tried, but in the documentation files there are some new hints:

Hi Albert
the NMEA GGA (USBL) signal enters a NMEA Router should send the data to BlueOS NMEA injector (pirate mode) Advanced Usage | Home , there you have to setup TCP or UDP with port, then the data goes to QGC as mavlink protocol so you have to set the gps parameter to “MAV”.
So the usbl data goes like USBL>>BlueOS>>QGC.

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