GPS input in BlueOS

A couple of years ago I posted in the Dive Log about how I convert meters and feet from my line counter to Lat and Long in a GPGGA NMEA string and send it to the TCP port for as a GPS input.
I’m trying to do it again, but this time I have BlueOS 1.1.0-beta.16 and I can’t get it to work.

I created New NMEA socket:

NMEA Router Connects to the TCP port:

I can see the Feet and Meter Readings in the Mavlink Inspector - 220 GPS_INPUT, but they aren’t displaying in QGroundControl

Hi @gcelec, apologies for the delay on getting to this.

I asked about this internally when I saw the post, but haven’t yet had a response.

I’m not certain what’s causing the issue, but given QGC is seemingly receiving the messages but not displaying the values that seems likely to be a QGC issue rather than a BlueOS one. Can you try installing QGC >= 4.2.5? I’m not certain if it will help, but it did include some GPS display related changes, so :crossed_fingers:

Hi @EliotBR , No problems about the delay - My workaround was to go old school by recording my screen on a DVR via an overlay box.
I don’t have time to set up the line counter via GPS so I’ll leave this to rest and I’m guessing it will be resolved if and when I have another go at it. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help to get a resolution.