NMEA not working in BlueOS 1.2

Hi @EliotBR. I’m trying use NMEA Injector to add a New NMEA Socket but when I CREATE it, nothing happens. I’m sure if I’m doing something wrong or if the version of BlueOS I’m using:
BlueOS Version: heads/ping-fix-attempt-0-gafacf496Bootstrap Version: 1.1.1Build: 1/29/2024, 12:19:51 PMBy Blue Robotics


Hi @gcelec,

We’ve confirmed that this is a consistent issue in the master branch of BlueOS (and I believe in some of the 1.2.0 beta versions as well), and since my ping-fix-attempt image was created from master that explains why that bug is also present there.

Note that the fix I implemented has been merged into BlueOS master, so you should be able to switch back to the bluerobotics dockerhub base instead of using mine (esalexander), but the NMEA issue will still be present until we’ve managed to track it down and resolve it.

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