BlueOS NMEA socket

Hello team,

I upgraded to BlueOS with Raspberry pi 3 + Pixhawk 2.4.8. Every time I power the BR2 on I have to go onto the webpage → create new NMEA socket → enter the following:


in order to route my underwater gps nmea feed into Qgroundcontrol.

It is a pain in the ass and I have to do it every single power cycle. And it isn’t connected by default.

Please update & fix or let me know if i’m missing a ‘save’ button somewhere.


Hi @johannv,

When the latest BlueOS stable version (1.0.1) was released, the NMEA Injector was reasonably new, and settings were not yet persistent across reboots. Persistent settings are available in recent beta releases :slight_smile:

If you’re ok with running beta software then you can upgrade to the latest beta release via the Version Chooser (you’ll need to be in Pirate Mode to see the beta options). Otherwise you can rest assured that the issue is known about and will be fixed in the next stable release.

If you’re interested, I’m in the process of documenting the new features that are currently in beta. Once that documentation is complete it will show up as “BlueOS - 1.1-beta” in our docs (or just as “BlueOS - 1.1” if we release the features as stable at the same time).

Hi Eliot,

Thanks for the info & links. I will certainly update before the next job.