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2,000 ft Tunnel Inspection BlueROV2

For this inspection, I hacked the GPS input by taking the serial line counter encoder data and converting the distance in feet to latitude and meters to longitude then routing that data to Port 27001. QGC will then record the feet and meters in the video’s ASS overlay file. The GPS co-ordinates need to be less than 90 degrees for them to be valid so I’ve divided them by 10,000 but will post process them to display the proper distance on the overlay.

I really like how the video control in QGC v4.1.3 is always visible. Note: If you don’t have a valid GPS fix in QGC v4.1.3 you’ll see the message ‘No GPS Lock for Vehicle’ in the middle of the screen.

The BR2 has the following upgrades/sensors:

Heavy Configuration
Imagenex 831L profiling sonar
Ping 360
Dual batteries
2000’ fiber.
SVS-209 Gigabit 5 Port Fiber Ethernet Switch
Blue Trail Engineering Cobalt connectors.
M10 thread Cat5 8 pin bulkhead

Qground control setup1



Cool setup, and smart thinking to piggy-back off the existing unused messages to send info that you’re interested in :smiley:

I’m curious as to how difficult it would be to set up some custom map tiles that could display the position in a meaningful way… Something to add to my ever-growing list of things to look into at some point :slight_smile:

The profiling sonar display is interesting, particularly because of the various reflections that are seemingly caused by an air-water boundary from the pipe not being completely full?