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The university team wants to ask some technical questions

We are a university team from China. We currently want to make a ROV using the same pixhawk2.4.8 + raspberry Pi 3 Model B solution as BlueROV and using the same firmware as BlueROV. Because currently affected by the new pneumonia epidemic in China, we cannot order some parts from the Internet for experiments, so we still have the following questions about this solution:

  1. The ROV we make works under 50 cm (ie 1.64 feet) underwater. The working place is located in the open outdoors, and the GPS signal is very good. Can we install Pixhawk with the M8N GPS module of the type used on the drone, and then use a pole to stand the GPS module above the water surface so that the ROV can obtain accurate positioning?

  2. If GPS is placed on the water surface so that we can obtain accurate positioning, does BlueROV’s existing firmware support this positioning information for navigation?

For example, to make BlueROV like a drone, first plan the route at the ground station, then upload it to pixhawk, throw the ROV into the water, then unlock the ROV, switch the flight mode to the AUTO position, and the ROV will automatically follow the planned route March. Is this idea feasible?

  1. Can I use BlueROV as an AUV?
    We will remake the structure of the robot that meets our actual use requirements, but the arrangement of the thrusters will not change, so theoretically we can transplant the BlueROV operation control system. We add a wireless data radio station (which is used on drones) to this system and place the GPS on the surface, so we want to know if the firmware currently used by BlueROV supports our editing tasks in the QGC software, and then pass the data Pass the radio to upload tasks to pixhawk, and throw the robot with no wire connection into the water to let him complete the work automatically. And return to the collection point.

  2. About we want to make a low cost AUV.
    We want to make a cheap AUV based on the buoyancy adjustment system used on the T200 and submarine models, because the existing torpedo-like AUVs cannot be afforded by us. In China, such AUV products often cost as much as a few dollars. Million RMB.I have seen information about cheap AUVs on the website. Are there any related projects or case recommendations?

I came to the forum for the first time, and please include if there is something wrong, thank you all.

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My English is not very good, so there will be some grammatical problems or word usage errors in between, so I hope I can try my best to correct these errors. It is difficult for us in China to access foreign websites. I also use a VPN to communicate with foreign websites and teams. There are two reasons why I came to a foreign website for help. The first is that I was a drone player before and successfully used terrain drones in China for terrain mapping. It is not a website established in China (we are all called extranets), and everyone is very enthusiastic in the community and welcomes us to join. This is rare in our domestic website. We hope to find a community where everyone can communicate frankly. Communities of underwater equipment are few in our country. Of course, there are also some communities in our country, but there are not many real players in these communities. The success of imitation of very few people is the main job of these communities. Very few players with better technology belong to some companies, they will use simple technology for commercial use to make profits and keep newcomers secret. Although we will also commercialize some of the results, we have an encouraging and friendly attitude towards newcomers. The second is that we also hope to exchange and cooperate with friends and teams from abroad. I think this will bring new opportunities and creativity to both of us.

Allow me to introduce our team
All of our team are from China. We only have experience in making small and simple ROVs. Our team includes 6 people in total. We can complete the manufacturing of many metal parts, and 3D printing of most parts. We use our results for business to earn money for our next development. We hope to use our modest strength to improve the environment, improve the technological level of traditional work and production efficiency, and improve our traditional production methods.
Our team hopes to strengthen external exchanges and cooperation and establish friendly cooperative relations with other teams. We also welcome foreign teams to bring their own results to China to undertake some of our project work. We are also willing to help other countries and regions. Local teams drive their projects.
We are particularly honored to find this friendly community, and now allow me to thank and greet everyone in the community on behalf of my team.
Thank you friends!
20:00, February 4, 2020 in Shandong Province, China

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