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Ardusub build for other controllers

Hello, all. I’m researching control systems (hardware + software) for a ROV my son and I are building. We have an STM32F405 based flight controller + ESCs, but it is not a pixhawk, nor is it one of the specific models found in the various build download folders.

Can someone who is familiar with the internals of the software shed some light on what is needed to properly support a new board? Is there simply a config file which defines the processor, flash, peripheral pins, etc?



Take a look at Ardupilot’s documentation on Porting to a new flight controller board.

Ah! I missed those docs. Exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Hey I am using a different configuration of frame for my bot that is not available in the Section “frame” of QGC. Can i still use Ardusub for this. I have pixhawk flightcontroller along with rpi as the companion computer and and I have set up the simulation environment for Blue ROV 2 which is perfectly working. Can any give me a better idea if the ardusub can work for other frame configurations apart from thse available in QGC

Yes, you can.
Check the docs for custom frames.

What is your simulation environment? SITL currently only supports the vectored design.

Hey so I have made the required configuration of the frame and has saved the files in. Cpp format. How do I run this file so that I can see the required changes in q ground control?

After editing, you need to build and flash the vehicle. Follow these instructions.

For it to show in QGC you would need to change the QGC source too. You can just set the FRAME_CONFIG parameter instead.