Getting started with ardusub

Hello, I am new to BlueOs and ardusub with Raspberry pi 4b. I ordered a pixhawk waiting for it to control small ROV with 6 thrusters, 4 lateral and 2 vertical. What references do i need to get started with blueos? How to download ardusub and get it up and running? Also, i figured out there is a simulation feature calles software in the loop (SITL) if i don’t have the pixhawk hardware Can i download this feature’s firmware and get it running as simulation and how to do that?

Hey, once you have your Rpi you can download easily blueos on it. then you will set your frame and everything on QgroundControl it should not be too complicated. Now if you want to practise you have sitl guide here. Depends if you are on linux or windows but both works to use it you just have to follow the guide. If you have any question, it has most probably already been asked and answered on this forum