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Frame setup help needed


Have successful connection between Qground control and pixhawk/PI etc. using latest versions of Qground control and ardusub on the sd card.

While trying to configure the frame it seems BlueROV frames are missing? please see the picture.

Hope anybody here can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Jimmi77 it looks like you loaded up the PX4 Firmware instead of ArduSub. Instructions for loading ArduSub can be found here: Installation

Just curious, may I ask how you got to the point of loading PX4 firmware?

Hi Kevin,

Sorry for late answer, busy times :slight_smile:

Regarding your question im afraid that its been so long since I tinkered with it last that I have forgotten - ive tried to find out but with no luck :frowning:

Ive been trying your suggestion and following in order is what I have done so far :

  • Installed Qground Control v.3.2.4 Rev6
  • Connected the Pixhawk via ethernet cable
  • Updated the firmware
  • Setup Controls
    – Here is my problem so far : The controls are way too sensitive - it almost feels like a switch turning on or off. Qground control I can see the control bars rise as I use the analogs.

Question : Is it possible to configure the sensitivity on the controls within QGround Control or even through software or do I some sort of controller for this adjustment

Thx in advance

Best Regards

Hello Jimmi,

You can assign joystick buttons to change the input gain to the ROV. Take a look here. Specifically at “gain_inc” and “gain_dec”.
Also make sure your joystick is not one of those with the “analog” button. Those can change between digital/analog modes, and digital mode will be all or nothing, jumping instantly from the center to the edges.

Oki thx alot for the answer and again sorry for the late reply