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SITL with QGC and Gazebo with custom frame


My goal is to simulate a custom frame, with a custom flight mode with SITL in Gazebo and QGC.

I have made a new vehicle based on the ArduSub directory. Here I want to create a new frame and I followed this post: ArduSub SITL Custom frame, but used the already custom frame (Enum 7) as my new frame. In addition, I only have 3 thrusters, so I skipped point 5 in the post.

I also added “FRAME_CONFIG 7” in .parm file linked to the new frame.

I have not bothered to build the QGC again, as it is not strictly necessary(?) since I used the “built in” custom frame.

I have downloaded and installed Gazebo from this guide: SITL · GitBook.

From this post Custom Frame ArduSub SITL with Gazebo, I removed 3 thrusters, and updated the pose for the three first thrusters from the BlureRov2.sdf file in bluerov_ros_playground/model/BlueRov2/. In addition I removed <control channel=“3”> ,<control channel=“4”> ,<control channel=“5”>.

I am getting some strange behavior when running sim_vehicle.py -f gazebo-bluerov2 -L RATBeach --out=udp: –console. When I arm the vehicle, it drops towards the bottom. When I disarm, it stops. Is there anything I have misunderstood or need to check/do to get this running?

Additional info if relevant:

I use “none” in the sensor settings in QGC since the Pixhawk are going to be mounted like that on my vehicle.

Let me know if anything is unclear.

I appreciate all feedback, tips and suggestions :slight_smile:

Are you sure your thruster orientations are configured correctly?

That was the problem! Changed the configuration in BlueRov2.sdf and now it works!
Thanks :smiley:

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