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After being Armed the ROV dives uncontrollably

Hello All,
Just looking for some suggestions and ideas with an issue we are facing, As soon as we are the ROV is starts to dive immediately. we cannot control this dive with the remote.it has to be disarmed. The controller is an Xbox one controller connected via a Bluetooth dongle.
Regards Ryan

Hi Ryan,

A few questions to help figure this out:

  1. Which versions of companion software and ArduSub are you using? (you can check on the web interface System page)
  2. Which flight mode are you arming in? If you’re in manual mode the ROV doesn’t try to correct for anything, so shouldn’t move without instruction.
  3. How deep is the water when you’re arming?
  1. Companion Software Version 0.0.26 - ArduSub Version 4.0.3.
  2. Flight mode was depth hold mode.
  3. Pretty much at the surface.

The ROV was armed then put into Depth Hold, Then it just dived.
It seems to happen at the start of each mission and not again until we start a new dive mission.

Seems like you’re having the issue discussed in this thread. The thread was last active a couple of weeks ago, with a potential cause for the issue found, but I believe it’s waiting on some log files for confirmation. I’d suggest you continue over there :slight_smile:

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