Depth Hold issue in Firmware 4.1.0

We are using a custom frame ROV. In the latest firmware, when we put it in Depth Hold mode, sometimes the ROV suddenly moves downwards and comes back. And also most of the time ROV is not holding the depth. But in old firmware, it has no issues

Hi @vidhun,

Can you see if those issues are fixed in the latest beta firmware? It includes some fixes to bounce-back issues, and to depth hold more generally.

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We had similar problems when using ArduSub 4.1.0 on a BlueROV2-6DoF configuration.
Tested the mentioned ArduSub-4.1.1-beta5 today and the depth hold mode now works smoothly again, even when additional payloads are attached to the ROV.

However, new issues did arise, e.g., for some reason, the vehicle often did not arm on the first try even though it says that it’s armed in QGC. It worked after toggling multiple times the arm/disarm and control mode switches.

Would be interesting to know if someone else experienced this with the beta version or if this is a known issue.

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Hi @EliotBR Thanks for the reply, and Happy to say that our problem got solved by using Beta Firmware. Any update about the same in official releases??

Update: No Issues with ArduSub-4.1.1-beta5 !

We fixed our arming problems which were related to custom hardware modifications.

I also have this problem. Permanent only on the first arming of the day but I am using old firmware. I find out that if I run the zero depth calibration while the rov is out of the water, then I’m fine.