Test dive no controls

having problems with joystick controls, not performing to parameters. I’m using an xbox one wired controller and have calibrated as per instructions.
what is the input-hold-set button as this will not disable and when I take remove rov from water there is always one thruster running. I have to unhook battery to reset.
basically I can’t get the rov to dive, ascend, forward, reverse. It will go lateral, roll and that’s about it.
any solutions as these are the first sea trials

Ok @spudder,

Please update your software. The most recent update made it easier to disengage input hold when the joysticks aren’t exactly centered.

Please also disarm the ROV to prevent the motors from spinning. Also note that the ROV attempts to stabilize itself in every mode except MANUAL, so that will cause the propellers to spin on their own.

As for getting the ROV to move where you want it, you need to be sure to do the Motor Configuration step in the setup instructions.

Thanks Jacob I will try software update. I had problems with software during installation, currently operating in safe mode.
Motor configuration is set as per instructions and works fine when test out of the water.
I have been running in just manual mode and always disarm to prevent motors from running, it is just when I arm the unit the motor starts on its own with no command given.


Hi Jacob,

I checked and I am running the current v 3.2.4
I believe you had logged into my system the other day and downloaded a file that you thought may have been corrupt and advised me to run in Safe Mode.
Can I disable the Input Hold Set in the joystick calibration menu?
Is it worth while to try another joystick?
Not even sure if the Input Hols Set is the problem.
When I dry test the ROV everything seems to function properly, it is when I do the wet test nothing seems to correspond to joystick controls?