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Running BlueROV2 in autonomous mode by coding on Rpi

(Sanjay panwar) #1

We are doing a a project to change the recently purchased BlueROV2 to autonomous with image capture followed processing and then according navigation.
At present, we are able to control Blue ROV2 through groundcontrol joystick and additionally we are able command ROV through mavproxy(arm throttle, rc 3 1600 etc. ) on Rpi.
Now we are planning to write python script in Rpi attached to pixhawk (ardusub) through USB. Can you send some command lines to move Blue ROV2 (Arming/disarming, forward, reverse, lateral right/left, depth hold mode etc.) in python language. We would like to run this python script on Rpi bootup.

Any help would be amazing! Thank you

(Patrick José Pereira) #2

Hi @sjpanwar,

Please, take a look in the forum, probably you will be able to find out a lot of related posts.

And try to wait a bit for a reply, you answer was already provided in your first request: