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What's the current status of Guided Mode?

(Richard Sewell) #1

We’re new BlueROV2 users, planning some tests which involve running fixed tracks on the surface.

Guided Mode would be very handy for this, and it looks from the forums as though it is moderately working but not stable - is that right ?

Right now, we have a GPS plugged into our Pixhawk, but we see no sign of it in QGroundControl, and when we try to start a mission we get ‘Guided mode not supported by vehicle’.

Does that mean our GPS is not working, or does it mean we’ve not configured something properly ?


(Jacob) #2

Guided mode is not supported or stable, but there is code for it in place. It is there now for developers to work with. Until it is marked stable, I recommend avoiding it unless you intend to work with the source code.

A gps antenna will not get any signal underwater, you will need an acoustic positioning system like the Waterlinked GPS in our store.

(Richard Sewell) #3

Jacob - thanks.

We have some surface test runs we need to do, so we will have GPS signal. We’re not afraid to work with the source code if that turns out to be necessary.

Can you comment on what the ‘Guided mode not supported by vehicle’ message is telling us ?


(Jacob) #4

This is a bug in QGC, it is not equipped to work with guided mode using ArduSub. You may use MAVProxy to work with it.

(Richard Sewell) #5

Great, thanks. We’ll give it a go.