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Guided Mode not supported by Vehicle!

(ShehabAldeen Housein) #1


Whenever I changed the flight mode to guided and set a point on the QGround Control’s map so the ROV must start moving, unfortunately it gives me the message “Guided mode not supported by Vehicle”!!?

(Jacob) #2

The autonomous functions of ArduSub are still in development and are not stable.

(frozeneye) #3

Dear Jacob,

I have tried change mode in Ardusub both through QGround Control and mavros cmd, when changed to Manual mode it works well, but changed to Guided mode, it doesn’t work.

In another discuss you have replied:

I did this SITL according to the steps you said, and then

  • rosrun mavros mavsafety arm
  • rosrun mavros mavsys mode -c GUIDED
    It appear Mode changed. successfully.

When I use the firmware on pixhawk, it does not respond no matter standard version 3.5 or developor version 3.6

So, my understanding is:
This version Ardusub only support GUIDED mode in simulator envrionment but not release to the firmware. In the future version ardusub, the firmware will support GUIDED mode, and then the Ardusub will have autonomous functions, we can use mavros to control Ardusub and set waypoint position easily, is my understanding correct?

Thank you!

(Patrick José Pereira) #4


The GUIDED mode will work only if you have a position system working in the ROV, like a GPS.
THE SITL environment does have a underwater GPS to perform missions and etc. Try to connect a GPS in the pixhawk, wait for a fix oposition and try to switch to GUIDED mode.
Remember that some failsafes can be still triggered.

(Jacob) #5

Guided mode will only work with GPS feedback. See the documentation at ardusub.com.


(frozeneye) #6

Yeah, that’s the reason why the ardusub firmware doesn’t work, I did’t have a GPS module. Now I have a deeper understanding of the flight mode. Thank you!:grinning: