GPS Plugin with Gazebo Sim

I am working with a system that has the bluerov2 in a gazebo sim, vthat utilizes ardusub and and mavros. The problem I am encountering is after connecting to qgroundcontrol and trying to set up waypoints to follow it fails and says the vehicle can not enter guided mode. I believe this is because I do not have a GPS setup. Right now I am trying to figure out how to simulate the gps and send data from gazebo to ardusub, so I can change the vehicle to guided mode and give it autonomous capabilities. I was wondering if anyone had any insight into this or any resources that could help me out to get this set up.
Thank you!

EDIT: I have been informed that the current GPS data should be sufficient, so any other ideas on why I can not change the ROV into guided mode would be appreciated!

Hi @ssicari,

Which QGroundControl version are you using? There have been some recent updates relevant to Guided Mode functionality in ArduSub, so if you’re not already on it we’d recommend updating to QGC 4.2.8 and seeing if that fixes your issue :slight_smile:

I just checked and I am on version 4.2.4, I can give it an update and see if that fixes the issue and report back here. Thank you!

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That unfortunately did not fix my issue. I also can not change the ROV into guided mode through MAVProxy or the ROS CLI so I am thinking this might be an issue on the ardusub side. Any ideas on that?

Thank you

The main reason I can think of is if ArduSub doesn’t have a stable position estimate, which could be the case if it’s not receiving GPS data (or some other position/velocity input) at a sufficient frequency, or if the data it’s receiving is highly inconsistent / low confidence.

Yeah it does seem to be an ardusub problem. I pulled a new PR that fixed it on other machines but now mine, I did notice I am running a dev version of ardusub and will be switching it over to the stable version to see if that fixes it. Thank you for the help