Vehicle doesn't switch to guided mode for the purpose of mission planning

Is there any update related to guided mode for mission planning in QGC? I can switch from manual to stabilise mode and vice versa but cannot switch to guided mode in the QGroundControl interface. GPS is connected to my BlueROV2. And Guided mode has been set to “ON”, however control doesn’t switch to guided mode. Hence, the ROV doesn’t follow the trajectory in the mission plan. I receive this error:

“Unable to start mission: Vehicle failed to change to Guided mode”


Can you share a log?
What kind of GPS do you have connected?

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I’ve merged your two identical comments into this post, since they’re on the same topic - it’s better to have one comprehensive discussion on an issue than several fragmented ones.

I’m not really sure what you mean by this. Perhaps this comment is relevant:

As far as I know Guided mode should be possible to switch into, but I believe it’s for enabling direct positional and velocity control commands, whereas mission following requires sending a mission to the autopilot and then switching the vehicle into Auto mode to (autonomously) follow the mission waypoints (@williangalvani please correct me if that’s wrong).

It would be likely useful if you can provide

  1. Your ArduSub version
  2. The positioning sensor(s) you’re using (and how they’re connected)
  3. A telemetry log

It’s worth noting that the position-based control modes require a stable and trusted positioning estimate, and may require some other safety based conditions/parameters.

Ignoring missions, do you get a more descriptive error when you try to just put the vehicle into guided mode (or poshold) yourself, with a joystick button function?