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Waypoint Navigation - Water Linked Underwater GPS Explorer Kit

Could one complete waypoint navigation on the surface of the water without having the Water Linked Underwater GPS Explorer Kit?

Could one complete underwater waypoint navigation water without having the Water Linked Underwater GPS Explorer Kit?

The Position Enabled Flight Modes are still very much a work in progress and not stable. I would not expect them to work right now for AUTO missions or position hold until the code is fixed and tuned.

If you just want to get GPS information on the surface, you can use an ArduPilot supported GPS module.

I have the here GPS module. The robot seems to run fine in stabilize and manual mode. I have the frame setup called Simple ROV-4. Motors 3 and 4 Control depth. hen I try to do surface waypoint testing the vehicle automatically actuates the vertical thrusters (Motors 3 and 4) and then immediately dives. Is there a way to fix that using code? Is it a sensor depth issue where the vehicle doesn’t understand its altitude?

You can read through GPS Positioning in the developers section and trying a few things.

That section has settings in there for changing it to a 2D Position (and using the pressure sensor for depth).

Here is a previous discussion and results of attempting to tune the position controller: Position hold. Waterlinked

If tuning is unsuccessful, the vehicle code most likely needs to be fixed or rewritten. The code is open-source if you would like to modify it yourself until we can spend some time with it in the future.