GPS-enabled modes not working

Hi everyone,

After working with the BlueRov2 simulations with Gazebo and SITL for a while, we are now starting with the actual rover. We set up the bluerov, we have the waterlinked GPS working reasonably well. The robot and GPS are calibrated, we can use the joystick to move around and the position on the GPS looks correct…

However, as soon as we switch from one of the basic modes (stabilize, manual or depth hold – all work fine) to any other GPS-enabled mode like Guided, Circle, Pos hold etc, everything goes crazy: the bluerov goes in some random direction and keeps moving. We don’t have a big enough pool to see if it stops at some point. Could it be some parameters that we need to tweak? We are using the default params.

Thanks for your help!

Hello, please note that the gps-enabled modes are still in development and not considered stable.

The problem is very likely due to compass misalignment between the two systems. The two systems need to agree on where north is. Try turning the water linked control box until it’s north matches the ROV’s north.

You will need to tune/configure the autopilot. The default params are not necessarily suitable.