Unable to find connection between Blue Robotics ROV and Q Ground Control. Next steps?

Aanii, We are attempting to reactivate our BlueROV after it spent the winter months in slumber. We are experiencing problems using the computer to link the BlueROV to QGC. All the necessary sounds and lights are present when we switch on the BlueROV, and when the topside interface is connected to the tether and ROV, the power and link active green light bulbs turn on. The QGC has stated “no vehicle found”, and “Disconnected” many times. We are still extremely fresh to the field of robotics and are making an effort to learn as we go. Wondering if anyone could help us figure out what steps to take next. We have assumed that it is an issue stemming from the tether connection since QGC and both the ROV and topside interface box seem to be working.

When looking at the console in the settings of QGC it seems to be there is no connection established between the BlueROV and the application.

Hi @aubreyurbshott, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If the link light is on then the FXTI has an ethernet connection to the vehicle, so most likely there’s some issue with the network configuration on your control station computer, or perhaps the USB-B to USB-A cable between the FXTI and your control computer is faulty.

There are a couple of other possibilities, but to start with I’d recommend

  1. Going through our software setup guide to make sure your network configuration is correct, and (if that doesn’t help)
  2. Trying a different USB-B to A cable (they’re commonly used on printers and for programming Arduino boards, if that’s helpful to find one to test with)

If neither of those resolves the issue then we can try to do some additional troubleshooting :slight_smile:

Thank you, Eliot. It worked and we were successfully able to connect the vehicle.

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