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ROV2 Disconnect

ROV with QGC suddenly disconnected, though they had connected 10minutes ago. QGC displays “Waiting For Vehicle Connection”, “WAITING FOR VIDEO”. I checked that the Ethernet port was connected to my computer. Mini-USB and Fathom-X Tether are also connected. The battery of ROV is charged. When I rebooted ROV, the center LED of PixHawk flash red and then yellow, and finally blue keeping flash.
Version of QGC was v3.2.4-Rev1.Though I installed the latest version (v3.2.4-BlueRobotics-Rev2), It does not improve.I tried another computer.
Please tell me solution of this problem.

And I can’t get a ping response(

If you cannot ping, then your computer can’t see the ROV on the network.

Can you please connect the ROV, open a command prompt and show me the output of the ipconfig command? This will show if you have your network set up correctly ( static ip address on the ethernet port).

If you don’t see anything that says in the output, then you need to set up your network.

If you do see a line that says, then this is probably a hardware issue. At this point the first thing I would test is bypassing the tether and Fathom X interface boards with an Ethernet patch cable between the computer and the Raspberry Pi computer in the ROV.

Thanks for your reply.
I could see in the output of the ipconfig. Then I bypassed the tether and Fathom X interface boards with an Ethernet patch cable between the computer and the Raspberry Pi computer in the ROV. That is to say I connected my computer to the Raspberry Pi directly. But the situation doesn’t go well.QGC displays “Waiting For Vehicle Connection”, and I cannot ping
By the way,I connected a display to the Raspberry Pi with HDMI cable. I can’t get any signal.
What can I do?

When the ROV is powered on, do you see any lights in the circled areas? If so, what color?


I can’t see any lights.

@PorcoRosso Do you see any wires connected to the pins circled here? This is where the Raspberry Pi receives power.


I can see Black-Red wire, its connected the Raspberry Pi to regulator “Hobbywing”.

Can you take a picture of the connection?

If you have a multimeter, please unplug the red/black wire from the Pi and measure the voltage on the two wires.

Please make sure the other wires on the hobbywing regulator are both connected securely to the power screw-terminal blocks that distribute voltage from the battery.

I measured the voltage on the two wires, it is 0V.
And I also measured the voltage on the two screw-terminal blocks, it is 16V.
Is it contact fault of regulator? or damage of regulator?

When I have exchanged the regulator for a new one, the ROV went well.
Thank you so much.

@PorcoRosso Good! Email support@bluerobotics.com, and we can send you a replacement regulator.

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