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Troubleshooting BlueROV2 Telemetry

Hello, I am having difficulty making a connection to the BlueROV2.
I am connected to the vehicle normally, via the tether plugged into the Fathom-X topside interface and a Win10 surface computer. ROV is powered, and QGC is still waiting for connection. Following the troubleshooting guide I have confirmed the following:

  • IP Address:
  • Subnet mask:
  • Firewall access for is QGC allowed
  • Network configuration is verified by a successful ping to
  • Firewall inbound and outbound traffic granted to UDP ports 5600 and 14550
  • QGC autoconnect settings configured to automatically connect to UDP and USB links
  • “Pixhawk Autopilot” detected as a serial device confirming Autopilot USB connection
  • I run into a wall when I check the MAVProxy, even after several reboots I get the following when I enter “screen -r mavproxy” into the web terminal:

QGC continues to wait for a vehicle connection. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You


It seems to be a networking issue. Do you mind totally disabling your firewall temporarily just to make sure it is not the firewall’s fault?

If that fixes it, there is probably some other port being blocked. You can check the “network” tab of Windows Resource Monitor to see network ports used by each process and the firewall status for each port.

Thanks William,
Your suggestion of disabling the firewall completely opened up my interface. I do have video now. Dealing with a bit of lag but it seems by reducing the ROV camera frame size to 1280x720 on a computer screen with 3200x1800 resolution has reduced the lag to something manageable.


Cool. I don’t advise you to run with the firewall turned off unless you know what you are doing, though.

What is your processor/GPU? They are probably having a hard time decoding and rendering the video at your display’s resolution

My windows machine has an Intel Core i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz with 8 GB of RAM
Intel HD Graphics 5500

Yeah, no the Firewall goes right back up when QGC is disconnected. Unfortunately I have not been able to identify which exact ports the QGC is using so it will have to be offline during operations.