No telemetry data

Followed troubleshooting guide but cant seem to get telemetry data to either MAVProxy or QGC through the RPi.

ArduSub v4.0.3
Companion v0.0.31
• IP Address:
• Subnet mask:
• Firewall access for is QGC allowed
• Network configuration is verified by a successful ping to
o Able to access web interface and login via ssh
• Firewall inbound and outbound traffic granted to UDP ports 5600 and 14550
• QGC autoconnect settings configured to automatically connect to UDP and USB links
• QGC connects to Pixhawk with telemetry when directly plugged in via USB (without RPi)
• MAVProxy connects to Pixhawk with telemetry when directly plugged in via USB (without RPi)
• MAVProxy with local forwarding to QGC working
• RPi mavproxy screen has seemingly random outputs
o Initially not present, started to occur after 2 days of troubleshooting

RPi mavproxy screen (Output of screen -r mavproxy)

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Hi @katie1, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you’ve been having telemetry connection issues. You’ve certainly done your homework, which really helps narrow things down - thanks!

By the sounds of things,

  • your network is configured correctly (unless there’s some unknown firewall/antivirus issue)
  • your Companion computer can successfully communicate to the topside via HTTP (web interface works) and TCP (ssh works), but possibly not UDP (does the video stream work? if so then UDP should also be ok)
  • your Pixhawk is (probably) working as expected, given it works when directly connected via USB to the topside computer
  • your QGC is set up correctly and working (given it works with a USB connection and local forwarding via Mavproxy)

My main recommendations for things to check at this point would be

  • 5V power supply (capacity/stability - we recommend a 5V6A supply which should directly power both the Pixhawk and the RPi)
  • The USB cable and connectors between the RPi and the Pixhawk (maybe try a different RPi USB port, and a different cable if possible)
  • Double check there isn’t another firewall/antivirus program that could be preventing the UDP connection to the topside (if you’re familiar with Python you can see if pymavlink is able to communicate with the Pixhawk)

This is definitely unexpected, so I’ve passed it on to our software team in case they’ve got any ideas as to what could be causing it or how to fix it :slight_smile:

I discussed this with the software team this morning, and in addition to the checks I already suggested they’ve recommended you flash a clean install of Companion (to ensure nothing went wrong in an update), and restoring the default MAVProxy options :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice!

It was a firewall issue. I didnt realise the ethernet connection was considered a public network - had to adjust the settings on the UDP rules and app rules

Flashing a clean install worked.

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