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No telemetry or command input problem

In Q Ground Control we have video but no telemetry and cannot input any commands to our BlueROV2. The message ‘Waiting for Vehicle Connection’ is displayed. Under the Companion Computer Setup System tab, Pixhawk 1 is a detected serial device and Mavproxy is an active service. Companion software version is 0.0.25. Under Pixhawk Firmware update, ArduSub version says ‘not found’. We have followed the ArduSub troubleshooting guide for No Telemetry (No Autopilot Connection). Working down the list to Check Mavproxy, we have logged into the Companion Computer via web terminal and entered the screen -r mavproxy command. The following message is displayed. Can you help?

Hi @Garch ,

Try going to and restore the MAVProxy settings to default.

Thanks Willian
Ardusub version now shows as 4.0.2 and I have telemetry. However, I cannot arm the vehicle or input commands through our Logitech controller (set to X). The attached error message appears in Q Ground Cont

rol. Any solution please?

This usually means that the vehicle is not getting your messages, but you are receiving the vehicles’.
What do your network settings look like? Make sure that the network settings are correct (especially that your netmask is exactly

Hi Willian, Yes, settings are good. See attached. Firewall is set to allow Q Ground Control. Graham

I usually have this happen to me when I have the same IP on two different networks and my OS picks the wrong one to send data out of.

I also notice you are using and older QGC version, but that should not cause this.

Having rebooted the ROV and surface computer, I am getting this message:

We have a Ping 360 set to

I would use something else. That is also likely to cause some conflicts (you request params to and the request goes to the ping360 instead of rov)