Qground does not connect to BlueRov2

Win 10, laptop only connect to BlueRov2, firewall disabled, ping IP return info fine, Fathom-X Tether solid Green light on PWR & Link, R45? connection blinking Green & Yellow. Qground is previous ver not 3.2, On start up Qground did not go into configuration but RED Warning “waiting for vehicle connection.” What is wrong??

Hi William, please go over the network setup instructions one more time to make sure you did not miss anything. Your ethernet interface should be set up with an IP of, and you want to try pinging (the ROV). Please let us know the output of these two commands on your computer:


You may also need to allow incoming connections on your network.

Ok, that looks ok. Can you please try rebooting your computer, then try connecting to QGC again? Sometimes Windows needs this to set up appropriately after changing the network configuration.

On Win Network Diagnostics This error has appear twice" Network Cable not connect property or broken cable. I have changed the cable-Not solution. The error appears from time to time-not consistent.

More Info

I have rebooted win several times in the past & now no connection

I have install Qground 3.2.4 same problem- No Connection


Hi William, did you get my private message? I can help you directly, please email me at jacob@bluerobotics.com to get in touch. The ROV is sending data, this looks like a Windows configuration issue.


Hello Jacob:

I went through the network setting, removing and installing same info, then power up Qground 3.2.4 and connection established. ( I did this uninstall & install several time yesterday in vain ) Any advice on Qground config for 3.2.4?

@RogueWave We recommend using our build of QGC for operating the BlueROV2. There are no differences in set up vs 3.2.4 that I am aware of. Any QGC links on our website should go to our build.

I installed your build & no connection to Rov2. Playing around with disable & enable, rebooted win 10 & Rov2 a live video feed showing on my labtop, but no connection to Rov2. Could not duplicate video feed in more reboots. What does video feed indicate? :exploding_head::weary: Real strange problem!!!

The video feed indicates that you have everything configured correctly. Did you change anything before you rebooted? If not, it could be a dodgy cable. Are you using a usb-ethernet converter?

@RogueWave, please contact support@bluerobotics.com so that we may help you directly.

cable used one supplied & changed it to CAT 5 ETL verified cable used on High speed Router internet. (Had error message cable not plug in or bad) Presently using above Cat 5
Plug in direct to USB from Tether. Can not get video feed again with no changes.

I am now trying to connect up to Rov2 by Ubuntu. Download QGC on line, problem with config Network IP Sub Gateway Metric. Can you help on Ubuntu end ??? Like to go another computer to see the difference if any.

Yes I can help with Ubuntu as well. Please get TeamViewer and email me.

Tomorrow afternoon is good. EST: 1:00

Ok, sounds good, I will be available.

I finally found the right setting for Ubuntu. Up and running but has warnings. i.e. missing firmware -1:r.SERVER8_reversed.

QG suggest a firmware update. Should I do that??
No calibration done yet, it’s really late.

It looks like you have an older bit of software installed. I’ll help you bring everything up to date this afternoon.

Please email support@bluerobotics.com when you are ready.

Some what ready. Tell me how to install TeamViewer. downloaded on folder Downloads, I ca select it. tried install-no solution.

Want to talk by phone, give me your number