Vacuum pump is not holding

Hi there, we have repeatedly tried a vacuum test, but it stays at the zero gauges when trying to pump. We have tried checking for any loose screws or seals holding the vehicle together, we have replaced orings but the pressure keeps dropping after the 15min mark of waiting. We have tried the vacuum on its own with the plugs and it works fine. We are wondering what we could be missing here.

If its staying at zero, and your using the hand vac how many pumps did you give it? if you have a 4 and 3" tube it can take I think over 300 pumps according to BR youtube. I saw this after buying the and pump and said NOPE and bought a vaccum pump on amazon, I did try using the hand pump and had to pump so long I physically hurt my hand “prior nerve damage”, but it was many minutes of pumping.


If you have a moderate vacuum leak and it’s not clear where it’s coming from, the standard way to debug such a thing is to pressurize the enclosure slightly, and then spray the outside of the enclosure with soapy water. After sitting for a couple of minutes, small bubbles will form at the leak site.

Some hand vacuum pumps have a second setting that allows them to pressurize too. If you don’t have one of those, then just find a way to adapt a bicycle tire pump to the enclosure vacuum fitting.

You don’t need a whole lot of pressure for this to work. If the vacuum fitting pops off of the enclosure, you’ve used too much :slight_smile:


Hi @aubreyurbshott,

Can you please go through the Vacuum Test Troubleshooting steps in our BlueROV2 assembly guide?

We have gone through the troubleshooting steps and still no improvement. We are thinking of just replacing the vacuum pump all together because when we try the vacuum pump test on its own it looses pressure quite fast.

The final comment in those troubleshooting steps recommends contacting our support email ( if you’re still having issues.

If you bought the vacuum pump from us and it arrived not working as expected then that’s not a problem you should need to resolve by yourself.