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Vacuum testing and the vacuum tester failures

(Julian Hancock) #1


The vacuum testers I use turn out to be a failures after a while. Can any one recommend a bullet proof version or another method of testing the seals.



(undersearobotics.com) #2

That was my experience with the brass pumps as well. I ended up getting a “mityvac” (made by Parker Hanifin) which seems better made and hasn’t had issues.

(Julian Hancock) #3

Hi Paul

Looking at their mityvac website is that their hand pumps?




In Denmark/Sweden, this is available:


(undersearobotics.com) #5

(Julian Hancock) #6

Wow that looks the business.



(Julian Hancock) #7

Thanks Paul, I shall have a look.



(Heinz) #8

I’ve had lots of luck with this one and it has a way to attach a tube to the valve that returns air that has been vacuumed out of the enclosure. I’m in Florida and humidity is a real problem and I return dry air into the ROV enclosure Vacum

(Julian Hancock) #9

Thanks Heinz.

(Joe) #10

We use the mighty vac as well. We once had some trouble finding an air leak. We rented (for free) a vacuum pump, used to do Air Conditioning work, from Autozone that drew a vacuum so quickly that we were actually able to hear the leak and find that we were getting air through a wire sheath from a leaking external camera. The electric vac also can remove all of the water from the container by boiling it off.

(Julian Hancock) #11

Thanks Joe