Stabilize mode dose not work

I have a ROV with a single vertical thruster. (Frame: simplerov).But stabilize mode dose not work.When Switch to stabilize mode,I shake the fly control board.However, the inspection found that the two PWM outputs are exactly the same and cannot achieve the effect of stabilizing ROV.So,the stabilize mode does not support ROV with three propellers?


If you are using a single vertical thruster, did you check the SimpleROV-3 configuration ?

You can also use the Motor Configuration Page from our last version to test the motor direction and order.

Yes, I use the SimpleROV-3 configuration.The motor direction and orderare correct.ROV can operate relatively stable in manual mode.But I don’t understand why the output sizes of the 1st and 2nd motors are consistent instead of dynamically changing in the stable mode.

Is your problem that the outputs are ‘the same’/mirrored? This is the expected/correct behavior.

Can this stabilize the robot’s attitude? I do not understand.

The three-thruster ROV is only able to stabilize it’s yaw (heading), but yes, this is how it is done.