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ROV can't yaw while stabilize/depthhold mode active

(Wafiq Qurochman) #1

i have problem with my rov. my rov cant yaw while stabilize/depthold mode active. i didn’t change anything except motor parameter.

(Jacob) #2

Please revisit our software setup instructions and ensure that you have completed them entirely and exactly. The problem is likely with the software configuration of the motor directions.

(Wafiq Qurochman) #3

all movement didnt have any problem while manual mode, but if i actived stabilize/depthold mode, my rov cant yaw. and i think, i did all instructions.

(Jacob) #4

Please try again to confirm, this is the first step to help you.

(Wafiq Qurochman) #5

I did your instructions before but its still doesn’t work. My rov motor still can’t run on yaw while stabilize mode active.

(Jacob) #6

@wafiq please try to record a short log and video demonstrating the problem. You can find out about saving logs here. Please get us a ‘telemetry log’ or .tlog from QGC.

@patrickelectric can you take a look on this problem please?