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QGC Crashing on Network Connection

Been using BR2 with Mac without any problems but now need to change to Windows PC.
Have the latest version of QGC loaded V3.2.4 Blue Robotics Rev6.
Program loads on the PC and sites there with blanks screen and "waiting for Vehicle connection’ message but as soon as I connect the network cable from Fathom X board the program crashes. Windows gives me the very helpful ‘Program Has stopped working and will close’ message and nothing more.
If I disconnect the Network and USB cables from the PC and plus into the MAC also running latest version of QGC it all works fine.
Any suggestions as to what could be causing this as unfortunately I need to run this under Windows.
Thanks, Gavin.

What version of Windows are you using? You need to use Windows 10.

Yes using Windows 10. Program seems to run fine, just crashes when you plug in the network cable connecting the ROV. Haven’t tried it yet with just the FathomX and not the ROV connected.

Today it seems to have cured itself… no idea how or why but I guess thats the mystery of Windows… You’re not supposed to know what its doing, or even how long its going to take… :grin:

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Aye, thank you for following up here @nemorov. Let me know if it acts up again.