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QGC failing to start on Windows?

(Richard) #1

Hey All

Anybody else running (or trying to run, in my case) QGC on Windows 10 suddenly seeing weird behavior? It’s been working well for me for the past year, but just today I’ve been unable to get QGC to even start up. I looked in Event Viewer and found a crash message that mentioned the failing module as ig9icd32.dll which looks like it’s related to Intel integrated graphics OpenGL stuff. I don’t think that stuff changed recently on my PC… in any case, reinstalling QGC, rebooting, uninstalling some minor apps and drivers that I installed recently has not fixed the issue. Anybody else having problems?

(Richard) #2

To anybody interested, QGC does boot just fine in safe mode, but did not remember its prior settings.

(JGreg Kherian) #3


i seem to experience the same issue:

  • QGC crashes on startup, with the error regarding failing module ig9icd32.dll in the event viewer
  • QGC in “compatibility mode” also crashes with the error message below (and updating the graphics driver didn t help)
  • But QGC does starts in safe mode.

no idea what triggered this as QGC has been working fine before that…

Richard, did you manage to solve the issue?

Any other opinion?



(Richard) #4

Hi Jean

I have not solved this issue (I’ve been able to use a linux machine instead) but I definitely want to. I’ll look into the OpenGLContextProfile error you saw, that seems like a good clue.

(Jacob) #5

These issues are due to poor intel opengl drivers or poor driver compatibility on windows. Safe mode uses software graphics instead of hardware accelerations.

(JGreg Kherian) #6

Thanks both for the input.

didn t really understand the issue regarding drivers, Intel, opengl etc, or why it just turned up now (likely because i ve installed a number of other programs recently, but i m not sure which one triggered the crashes…)

but indeed, running QGC with nvidia graphics instead of the intel integrated graphics works for me!

(Richard) #7

Thanks for the update Jean. How do you make that nvidia-vs-intel selection?

(JGreg Kherian) #8

hi richard,
if you have a separate graphics card, then you can just right click on an application and select run with graphics processor then Nvidia instead of the default Intel integrated graphics!

(Richard) #9

That’s handy. Sadly my afflicted computer is a laptop, no other graphics processor besides the integrated.