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QGC no video stream (windows)

(Grega) #1


I can not establish video connection in QGC on notebook HP 2350p. It is not a powerful new comp but still it should be able to show video. My setup (ROV - cables) works perfectly on my MacBook but on HP with Win7 all I get is a red logo ArduSub :confused:
The connection to ROV is active with all controls and MAV-link telemetry.
Has anyone else run into the similar problem?

The attached photo is from previous install Win10, before a Win7 clean install… that did not help either :slight_smile:


(Jacob) #2

We only support Windows 10, though some have gotten QGC to work on Win7. QGC installs three shortcuts, QGC, QGC (GPU Safe Mode) and QGC (GPU Compatability Mode). Please try all three shortcuts and let us know if they behave any differently.


(Grega) #3

Hi Jacob,

On Win10 it was the same. I thought that it was a driver problem so I made a Win7 clean install…

Now I have tried all three shortcuts and I get video with GPU Safe Mode but it has a 2 sec lag. Do you think that this pc is just not powerful enough?


(Bo Koppel) #4

This helped us:

(Jacob) #5


Please let me know if Bo’s tips work for you, if not you can install this one instead. Video recording is disabled, and there should be no lag.