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Qgroundcontrol not showing video

(Luis Gamez) #1

Hello guys,

I need some help with my BR2, the Qgroundcontrol is not showing video at all instead of it is coming something red likely a map??

This is a samsung laptop with windows 10 with a very poor 4Gb RAM, also it is showing as can be seend that it cannot connect to the ROV but is actually connected and showing everything, and can be controlled by the Xbox controller.

What i mean is i can arm dissarm the ROV, lights on off, move thrusters, sensors showing, voltage all ok but video.

Any ideas?

(Jacob) #2

QGC installs three application shortcuts:

QGroundControl (GPU Safe Mode)
QGroundControl (GPU Compatibility Mode)

Try the other shortcuts.

(Luis Gamez) #3

Hi @jwalser

Thank you after testing of safe mode everything appeared but with an enourmous lag, most likely the computer cannot handle the system.

Sorry to disturb you with noob questions but somehow clients manage to get something wrong :grin: lol.


(Jacob) #4

Did you try the normal launcher?

(Luis Gamez) #5

Yes I tried the GPU safe mode, GPU compatibility mode both working showing video but with about 6 seconds of lag.

Qgroundcontrol will not show video at all…

(Jacob) #6

Is this on Windows 10? What is the computer model? Please try this out.

(Luis Gamez) #7

yes using windows 10, I dont really know the model but i can tell you is quite old… i will try this out and tell you the results.


(Mark Langille) #8

Had similar issues. It seems to be the screen recorder. I run the QGC build without the recording and no lag.

(Jacob) #9

The issue that was resolved by removing screen recording should have cleared up with the most recent software. Do you still have issues with the latest versions?

(Mark Langille) #10

I’ve not tried the latest but will try and see if can get time.