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Lost video on qgroundcontrol in standard mode after latest windows update release

Suddenly lost video in QGC standard mode, but still there in safe. It has been working absolutely fine until booting it up today. Only noted changes since 2 days prior, are windows 10 pro had a security update, and the ROV tube was removed and reinstalled. Any thoughts?

ArduSub 3.5.4. Companion 0.0.18. QGC Multiple versions tried.


Check our documentation, we some some troubleshooting steps for lost video. I would check the system page first to make sure the camera is detected.

Please let us know if you can’t solve this.

So this is interesting. Yes i confirmed via troubleshooting that the video was detected, and it would display in safe mode. Booted the windows 10 system into safe mode, performed a restore from 2 days ago and all is working. But have the latest 4 windows operating system security updates on pause as I believe these are what broke QGC Video now that I can confirm the ROV is functioning correctly.

Reinstall of updates KB4532938, KB890830, KB4528760 & Atheros driver and everything is appears all back to normal after 9hrs of stressing with a demo tomorrow. Yay.

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