Video recording camera problem ubuntu

Hi, i have start to wark to the blue rov recently, and i have a problem;
i have a pc with ubuntu as SO and the QCG installed (i follow all the steps of the sofware set up) where i can see the video by the camera but when i try to push the red button on the QCG interface to record nothing happen
i read that there is a bug about it is that and in case some one have fixed the problem?

Hi @fusari, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m not aware of an existing bug with video recording on QGC. Could you please confirm that you’re using QGroundControl v4.2.4, and specify which Ubuntu version you’re using? That way we can try to replicate the results, or determine better what might be going wrong.

i`m using the Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS and the QGroundControl v4.2.4
i would send a video of the desktop too, but the SO save the video as webm file and it isn´t supported
maybe is only a problem of setting but idk were go to see

hi @EliotBR ; there are some news about the issue i had?

I asked about this internally and apparently there is a known issue with some Linux video recording, which would likely be resolved by this pull request.

Our software team is looking into what’s required to finalise that PR and get it merged.

Following up, this fix got merged, and is available as of QGC v4.2.5 :slight_smile: