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QGC crashes consistently

(Svein H.) #1

Hi @jwalser,
I just updated the QGC to this firmware and as soon as i click on the small icon up to the left to find alternative inputs QGC close down and i need to restart the program. Anything i can do to solve this issue?

Svein Harald

Software Updates 8 February 2018
(Jacob) #2

Hi SHS, I would like to get some more information from you.

Can you email me at jacob@bluerobotics.com?

(wdodo) #3

I met the same problem,
when I press that ,the QGC will break down

(Christian) #5

…it happens on my mac but not on pc?

(Jacob) #6

I am going to take a look at this with @SHS today and let you all know what I find out.

(Jacob) #7

I’ve confirmed the issue with @SHS, and it appears that this affects only certain computers. Unfortunately, I am not aware of a solution yet. If you are experiencing this issue, please make a note of it here so I may get in touch to gather more information if necessary.

(Jacob) #8

Can you verify this is correct?

Is anyone else having trouble on a mac?

(Christian) #9

Yes it happened for 6 times and i just changed back to pc… and the program was a bit different on mac… it had one moore settings mode?

(Christian) #10

i have a Mac book pro early 2011, but upgraded ram

(Ben Griner) #11

@jwalser I am having the same issues on software update. Surface Pro4 windows 10. Additionally the video full screen option in non-functioning.